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Sex and Desire in Hong Kong

Petula Sik Ying Ho and Ka Tat Tsang

Paper, 256 pages,
ISBN: 978-988-813-962-0
$30.00 / £20.50

November, 2012
Cloth, 256 pages,
ISBN: 978-988-813-915-6
Hong Kong University Press
$50.00 / £34.50

This anthology collects fifteen years of sexuality research by Ho Petula Sik Ying and Tsang Ka Tat, showing how the authors’ viewpoints and constructs in sexuality have changed in re­cent decades, thereby opening more discussion space on sexuality. Ho and Tsang provide an exemplary model of community-based research on sexual and erotic attitudes and practices of gay men and middle-aged women in Hong Kong over a span of over fifteen years. The anthology is divided into five parts and covers elite discourse and everyday language used in sexuality studies, the body and its sexual or­gans, identity and its relation to sexuality, re­lationships in marriages, multiple sexual part­ners and inter-racial partnerships as well as desire and how it relates to money, happiness and the self.

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About the Author

Tsang Ka Tat is a trained psychotherapist and associate professor of social work at the University of Toronto.

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