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Wang Haoran

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June, 2013
Paper, 200 pages, 0
ISBN: 978-988-16056-3-4
East Slope Publishing Ltd. (Muse, Hong Kong)

Relentless urbanization and the outrageous disparity between rich and poor have confined three lonely men, wildly different in personality and with ages spanning three decades, in a 400 square-foot flat in an unnamed Chinese city. A dispute regarding toilet etiquette sets off a series of ridiculous conflicts among the three flatmates.

Created by Hunan-born playwright Simon Wang, who is both a witness to, and victim of, China’s rapid city development, Blast looks at alienation in confined urban living space with a keen sense of humor. Blast was commissioned and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival.

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About the Author

Wang Haoran moved from Hunan to Shenzhen to attend Shenzhen University, where he studied English. After winning a drama competition in Shenzhen and immersing himself in the Hong Kong-Shenzhen theater scene, he is now pursuing an MFA at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

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