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Terror, Religion, and Liberal Thought

Richard B. Miller

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September, 2010
Cloth, 240 pages,
ISBN: 978-0-231-15098-9
$35.00 / £24.00

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About the Author

Richard B. Miller is director for the Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions and professor of religious studies at Indiana University. Focusing on normative issues that cut across religion, politics, and culture, he has written on political and social ethics, religion and public life, theory and method in religious thought and ethics, and biomedical ethics. He is the author of Interpretations of Conflict: Ethics, Pacifism, and the Just-War Tradition, Casuistry and Modern Ethics: A Poetics of Practical Reasoning, and Children, Ethics, and Modern Medicine, along with articles and book chapters on the ethics of killing and war, civic virtue, theological ethics, multiculturalism, and religion and public intellectuals.

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